Fonds GavoorGeluk - Warme Scholen

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Fonds GavoorGeluk


Education / Wellbeing

Delivered services

Service Blueprint, Launcher, Amplifier, Care


April 2021 - November 2021


Strapi, Angular 12, Serverless AWS Lambda

Fonds GavoorGeluk aims to prevent depression and suicide amongst children and adolescents in Flanders. Its primary focus is to make young people resilient and create new best practices. The project is part of the Flemish Suicide Prevention Action Plan and includes various initiatives such as Warm Schools, Warm Cities and Municipalities and Warm William.

Warm Schools are places with attention to everyone's uniqueness and talents. A Warm School wants to make every child enthusiastic for a life filled with learning.‚Äč

The fund needed a platform that informed schools and public authorities, encouraging them to take a step towards becoming a warm organisation. Besides the informative role, the project also had to be a learning platform for schools and municipalities. Specifically, Fonds GavoorGeluk wanted to develop a single platform with a public and private section, keeping its identity throughout the various projects. The platform's recognisable structure enables us to look at the different activities and gain insight into the strategy and advocacy.

Kunlabora developed an efficient digital solution that enabled Fonds GavoorGeluk to unlock its potential, reach its objectives and create cohesion across its many projects.