Our culture

We are comitted to offering a warm and human approach that allows everyone to contribute to the development process and operations.

What we value

Within Kunlabora, there are three core values that are very important to us. They indicate our beliefs and commitments and what you can expect when we work together.


Together we are stronger and pool all our knowledge. Whether collaborating with colleagues or with customers, we believe in growing together and arriving at the best tailor-made solution together.

Flat structure

We don't think in boxes and hierarchies. As a "Kunlaborator", you will work with your colleagues on a project for which everyone can offer their input. This makes decisions smoother and communication with customers faster.

Approachable, professional attitude

"Kunlaborators" apply thoughtful techniques in a disciplined manner so that your project succeeds. Throughout the process, you can count on a warm, human approach.

Focus on expertise

Within the team, we have "Kunlaborators" with different roles and areas of expertise. We continuously challenge ourselves to become better through knowledge sharing and further training. We believe this adds great value for customers, employees and the company alike.

Focus on personal development

Besides expanding work-related knowledge, it is important to us that everyone can grow personally. We do this, among other things, by focusing on knowledge sharing on non-technical topics, 360 reviews in self-managing teams and pay transparency.

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Knowledge sharing

We exchange knowledge and experiences on a regular basis during joint retrospectives and reading groups. This way, everyone always stays up to date and we are committed to personal development.

Self-managing teams

All our teams work autonomously to allow for high adaptability. With the extensive knowledge of the entire team, you can count on your project proceeding smoothly.

Wage transparency

Transparent and open communication on wages is important to us. Therefore, all "Kunlaborators" know each other's wages and the wages are determined together every year.

Can you fully identify with our culture?