Custom-made software solutions, built together

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Together, we are stronger

Our passion for building professional quality software ensures the right solution tailored to each customer every time. We believe in combining all our strengths to achieve the desired objective together with you. Therefore, at Kunlabora, collaboration is key.

Discover & design

We look at your objective in the short term and translate it into a design or prototype for a tailor-made software solution and customised development. Several workshops ensure consensus among all stakeholders.

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Project outsourcing

An experienced team of "Kunlaborators" will help you develop the desired software thanks to IT outsourcing. By outsourcing software development, you are completely unburdened. As a customer, you can follow the whole process transparently and decide which features are built.

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Team as a service

A dedicated team will join you in the company and help build the desired software. Internal colleagues are inspired during various knowledge-sharing initiatives. Here, we use the Team as a Service model.

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Kantoor van Kunlabora
Kantoor van Kunlabora

About us

At Kunlabora, everyone gets the chance to develop not only software, but also themselves. We always communicate with each other in a transparent way so that giving feedback is easier and working together is even more efficient. Together we are stronger!

"We never shy away from difficulties. They just make the development process more interesting and ensure an even better result."

Jan Van Reusel
Managing partner at Kunlabora