To us, outreaching means to make meaningful connections in all layers of society. We want to connect just as much with companies as with social organizations, knowledge institutions, individuals and the city of Leuven, our home-town. We want to achieve social impact by putting all of our expertise to use. At the bottom we’ll list some of our achievements we’re most proud of, but feel free to check out all of our outreach initiatives we wrote about.

Making the world a better place

Kunlaborants like to improve the world a little bit. We found that an effective way for us is to do this from our own expertise. Using our approach we can add value by helping the social sector advance beyond off-the-shelf solutions that usually are too limited.

Usefully spent time

Outreach projects allow us to highlight our values and way of working we are so proud of. At the same time, they can provide experimentation grounds to put into practice new insights we can't immediately apply to our regular projects. This makes them great projects where we can usefully spend time and effort in when we are in between our commercial projects.

Strengthening connections

Lately, a company can barely survive in isolation, and it's enriching to build and strengthen meaningful connections. That's why we try to reach out to customers, software crafters, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders. Even though our focus is on making local connections, we don't shy away from reaching out further. For instance, we host internships and our Kunlaboratoriums to connect locally, while we also aim to widen our reach by contributing to open source projects.


In the spring of 2018 Kunlabora and Buurtwerk ’t Lampeke, a local community organization working with vulnerable families, started iterating on ideas to build tailor-made software that makes a difference in their daily field work. Come summer of 2018 we started working on the Mezuri project, which is a lightweight software tool that helps understand and measure the impact of coaching trajectories without cumbersome administration (like having to fill in numerous checklists). Mezuri allows coaches to focus on what matters most: people!

You can read more on Mezuri in this blog post and on ’t Lampeke as one of our happy customers.


ESF invests in labour market opportunities and qualitative careers with Flemish and European support. Innovative projects are boosted to meet societal challenges in the labour market. In a powerful and complementary partnership we are conceptualising and prototyping the growth-app Povigo (Esperanto for empowerment). Povigo empowers people in their search for a new job together with a jobcoach.

Do want to read more about Povigo? Check out www.povigo.be

Repair App

In March of 2018 Kunlabora signed the Maakbaar Leuven Charter, thereby committing us to an initiative for a more sustainable and durable economy in Leuven. We first helped give form to the so called Repair App by organizing and collaborating in the service blueprint of the app, to make sure it was going to solve actual problems in the field. And in the summer of 2019 we proceeded with the actual software development in collaboration with KU Leuven over the course of a month. By scanning device barcodes, our mobile app allows repair enthusiasts to easily identify devices and find their way to documentation and information on past repairs.


After a series of successful events, Dwengo vzw and SheGoesICT have installed a powerful tradition of a yearly WeGoSTEM event, an initiative to inspire pupils from the 5th and 6th grade with their passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Our very own Kris participates as a coach to help these kids build a drawing robot.

Read about her experience in her blog post.

Child Poverty Hackathon

The King Baudouin Foundation and its Child Poverty Fund (Kinderarmoedefonds) organized a two-day hackathon against child poverty. The goal was to bring people from different backgrounds together in this innovation boot camp, let them team up and create solutions for families and children in poverty and their surrounding professional network.

Our colleagues Heidi, Koenraad, Bruno and Kris pitched Liberigi: a tool to unlock the potential of leisure activities for vulnerable families. They conceptualised a mobile application where a volunteer and family can find personalised, affordable and accessible offers of leisure activities. Using the app they would plan activities and share their experiences in their neighbourhood community. Additionally, they could keep a picture diary as a souvenir of their leisure journey.

You can read more on their experience in this blog post.

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