UnderCover is an InsurTech start-up company that targets insurance brokers and their customers. It wants to provide a platform on which a customer can discover how well they are protected and compare themselves with peers. The broker receives qualified leads for cross-selling and up-selling.

Our Kunlabora team started with a service blueprint and then built an initial version of the application. The app offers basic functionality and highlights future extensions. Based on user feedback and additional requirements, we incrementally improve the application. Our deployment process is fully automated, so releasing a new version into production is just a matter of pushing a button.

What does our customer say?

Meet Roderik, Chief Product Engineer of Undercover.

Having a background in law, Roderik is specialised in insurance and has years of experience in the field. Currently he is Chief Product Engineer at UnderCover.

A strategic match and a fresh approach

Roderik explains: “We wanted to move away from the established way of thinking in the insurance world and to quickly enter the market with a first release of the UnderCover app. A strategic partnership combining our extensive expertise in the insurance business with high-quality software development and flexibility was a great move. I remember that big IT projects needed three years of upfront thinking. The slow progress in analysis and development was incredibly frustrating. The end result was often even more sobering: a lot of money had been invested, but the final product was not (exactly) what was needed. Kunlabora has proven to be a perfect match: a dedicated team developing small increments in short development cycles gives us the opportunity to very closely monitor progress and to see the UnderCover app growing according to our priorities. And these priorities changed over time as a result of the feedback we received from our early adopter insurance brokers.

And, though it was a confronting but pleasant surprise, Kunlabora grew not only into an IT-partner, but also challenged our business requirements. The development team’s fresh approach helped us re-think assumptions that sometimes appeared to be unjustified.”

A truly committed team

During the intensive collaboration Roderik got to know his team of developers very well. “They really go the extra mile”, he explains, “I was used to developers with a nine-to-five attitude. They couldn’t care less if their project succeeded.

The Kunlabora Undercover team really regards the UnderCover app as its own baby.

Roderik Emmaneel, chief product engineer at Undercover

A tip for future Kunlabora clients

Roderik doesn’t need much time to think about it: “Don’t try to impose your own methodology. Try to adjust to the Kunlabora way of working. Don’t fixate on the funny way of putting everything on a post-it. Give them a chance, go along, and you will see that you achieve results and even start enjoying their approach and pace.”

Future ambitions for collaboration

After the release of the minimum viable product in October, Roderik gladly extended the collaboration with Kunlabora: “We are now developing in feature-mode, quickly assess the market’s reaction and adjust. That is how we want to continue and it seems a fruitful way of attracting new investors. Stay tuned to our joint story!"

UnderCover team

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