Sparkcentral is a company that helps customer-centric enterprises to improve their customers’ satisfaction rate with a platform that simplifies business communication through social media and messaging.

Our Kunlabora team started in May 2018 and reinforces the IT capacity of Sparkcentral.
They work together with Sparkcentral’s developers to incorporate additional features into their platform. For example, our team added integrations with Twitter and Instagram.

Our collaboration with Kunlabora has proven very valuable in delivering features. Their skilled and committed team has been a natural extension of our engineering team.

Pieter Lievens, development manager at Sparkcentral

During development, we continually work closely together with the product engineers to find the best course of action for implementing the next features. We also make sure to fully test both technically (our code) and functionally (the application itself). This ensures that every cog of the Sparkcentral machine keeps turning as it should, while we consistently add value.

The application is built with the latest technologies such as Kafka, Redis, java 12, gradle 5.0, and is deployed on AWS, thereby fully applying the practice of ‘infrastructure-as-code’.

Sparkcentral team

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