Life in a software factory: how we work, learn and grow together.

Happy New Year

Wishing you a lot of togetherness!

Warmste WeGoSTEM

Kunlabora toverde 33 kids om tot teken-robot programmeurs voor de Warmste Week met WeGoSTEM. Deze actie bracht maar liefst €600 op, die integraal naar Buurtwerk ’t Lampeke gaat. Want zonder warme energie brandt er geen lamp.

New Tricks November

During the past couple of weeks, a delegation of Kunlaborants swarmed out to learn some new tricks. In this post, we’ll have a bird’s eye view on what we’ve picked up and how this might be of benefit to our customers.

SIRE. pakt uit bij Kunlabora

Heel trots zijn we, op onze nieuwe decoratie. Lees het verhaal van onze kunstenaar-aan-huis Silke, ofte SIRE.

Kunlabora Welcomes Students

Gandalf is right, and you know it. But studying will be a lot more enjoyable when you can do it at Kunlabora!

Making the world a better place

Today I’m attending Purpose Day in Rotterdam. It is a Dutch initiative to “accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable future”. A nice opportunity to take a brief look at how we at Kunlabora try to add purpose to our business.

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