Who we are

Kunlabora was started in January of 2018 by Jan Van Reusel and Nordin Haouari.
We're a young, Leuven-based software development company. And thanks to our vast, combined experience, we're uniquely positioned to design solutions for your most difficult business challenges.

Kunlabora is supported by the Xplore group.

The values we work & live by


Given our focus on teamwork and clear communication, we believe that an attitude for openness and inclusiveness is vital for tackling business challenges the right way.


Kunlabora is the Esperanto word for collaboration. We believe that collaboration with the customer and ‘speaking the same language’ is key for developing high-quality software solutions.

Technical excellence

In order to acquire and improve our knowledge and technical skills, we continuously participate in different learning activities. Only by remaining critical of our own capacities we are able to keep up with the rapid changes in software development.

Our factory operators

Dieter Van Peer

Jonas Van Hoeyweghen

Nordin Haouari

Tim De Meyer

Niels Tanésy

Kaat Bogaerts

Koenraad Verheyden

Heidi Bottu

Sander Paulus

Jo Vanthournout

Jan Van Reusel

Bruno Lannoo

Tom Toutenel

Pieter Bosman

Joris Lefever

Thomas Vanausloos

Bart Gauquie

Joren Kennes

Tom Coremans

Kris Aerts

Tom De Keyser

Emma Eyckmans

Kim Lauwers

Nele Veulemans

Imanuel Rennen

Tim Schraepen

Seppe Gielen

Davida Van Hemelryck

Katrien Verheyden

Levi Vandenbempt

Bouke Versteegh

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