SMART Actions

The result of a retrospective should be a number of SMART actions. But what makes an action SMART? Let’s find out.

Welcome Koenraad, Seppe and Bart

This autumn, Kunlabora warmly welcomed Koenraad Verheyden, Seppe Gielen and Bart Gauquie.

Socrates Belgium OpenSpace - November

Monday evening the 5th of November we hosted the first of many SocratesBE OpenSpace meetups at our office, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Read on if you’d like to know what SocratesBE is, what the OpenSpace format is, and what’s in it for you.

Mezuri 1.0 is live!

Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke and Kunlabora WORKING TOGETHER: Mezuri 1.0!

In this post, we’ll tell you about a first set of lightweight experiments we did, using only a handful of ironing beads and an enthusiastic group of Kunlaborants.

UnderCover app live!

After 8 months of incubation in the Kunlabora/UnderCover collaborative software factory, the UnderCover App is live!

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