Welcome Pieter Bosman!

It’s easy to start 2019 off well with all the awesome people joining us. We gladly welcome one more new colleague at Kunlabora: Pieter Bosman.

Pieter grew from a java developer into an analyst and ended up as a customer proxy with Kunlabora. Pieter loves solving the everyday puzzle of customer challenges in a development team. At Kunlabora, he found a work environment that combines thoroughly dynamic day-to-day operations with a need for delivering top-notch quality. A need that can be found in the DNA of each Kunlaborant. A challenging job, and he is just the man to do it. In his free time, Pieter enjoys teaching basketball to peanuts (6-7 year olds) and spending time with his family.

Welcome Pieter! Let’s do this!

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