Welcome Nele, Tom, Heidi en Thomas!

It’s a happy new year at Kunlabora! We are excited to welcome four new colleagues: Nele Veulemans, Tom Toutenel, Heidi Bottu and Thomas Vanausloos.

Nele joins us to support the whole of Kunlabora wherever and however she can. As our chief everything officer, she ensures that our collaborative software factory operates as smoothly as can be. Nele’s daily exercise consists of yoga, yoga and more yoga. Will she be bringing her yoga mat to work? Only time will tell…

Tom has been developing software for 20 years. He’s at his happiest when he can combine functional and technical insights to help customers on their journey from an idea to a successful application. In his free time he helps organise techno parties on Sunday afternoons for people who, like him, like to party but can’t stay up until the early hours anymore.

Heidi is a full-stack developer who loves working in an agile team with motivated colleagues. She prides herself on creating quality applications with real-world relevance. In her free time she can be caught drinking whiskey and playing boardgames with her friends. That is, when she is not singing and jamming on her guitar.

Thomas evolved from an electronics engineer into a skilled software developer. At Kunlabora, we applaud that he took ownership and became who he wanted to be. Professionally speaking, he utilizes a different way of thinking for creative coding and problem solving. TDD, pair programming and teamwork are ‘the way to go’ for him. Personally speaking he likes to challenge himself by learning new things about web development. In his free time he enjoys cycling and snowboarding.

Welcome everybody, let’s do this!

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