Welcome Koenraad, Seppe and Bart

This autumn, Kunlabora warmly welcomed Koenraad Verheyden, Seppe Gielen and Bart Gauquie.

Koenraad has been working as a full-stack developer for a year and joins us at Kunlabora to work and learn together. In his free time he loves to tinker with electronics. Combined with his passion for creative coding, this makes Koenraad your go-to comrade for fun hobby projects. He also likes music.

Seppe is an enthusiastic developer with seven years of experience. His large collection of boardgames proves that he is a real games fanatic. When he isn’t playing a game you’ll probably find him in the kitchen or with a good book. His drive for an open culture focused on growth will be a good fit within Kunlabora.

Bart Gauquie is an experienced agile software engineer, taking great pride in developing custom, high quality software solutions in a team while deeply involving the customer. Bart is happily married, enjoys music, learning to play the piano and has a private pilot license.

Let’s take this Kunlabora flight together!

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