Hackathon Child Poverty

End of april a team of eager Kunlaborants participated in a hackathon on child poverty.

Lego Serious Pay

This is our third post in the series about installing a transparent, honest and efficient reward system at Kunlabora.

In order to acquire and improve our knowledge and skills, we continuously participate in different learning activities. Only by remaining critical of our own capacities, are we able to keep up with the rapid changes in software development and build solutions for the business challenges our customers face.

Welcome Joren and Karine!

In February, we welcome two new colleagues at Kunlabora: Joren Kennes and Karine Van Limbergen.

Welcome Pieter Bosman!

It’s easy to start 2019 off well with all the awesome people joining us. We gladly welcome one more new colleague at Kunlabora: Pieter Bosman.

Welcome Nele, Tom, Heidi en Thomas!

It’s a happy new year at Kunlabora! We are excited to welcome four new colleagues: Nele Veulemans, Tom Toutenel, Heidi Bottu and Thomas Vanausloos.

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