Welcome Nele, Tom, Heidi en Thomas!

It’s a happy new year at Kunlabora! We are excited to welcome four new colleagues: Nele Veulemans, Tom Toutenel, Heidi Bottu and Thomas Vanausloos.

Secret christmas elves at Kunlabora

At Kunlabora we do not only love delivering quality software. We also employ some christmas elves in disguise.

In this post we want to give you an idea on how to do a retrospective at the end of your project.

Sweets for sweet Kunlaborants

Sinterklaas brought sweets - we must have been sweet this year then 😄

Welcome Joris at Kunlabora!

Winter is coming and Santa Claus brought us an early present at Kunlabora: Joris Lefever is joining us!

SMART Actions

The result of a retrospective should be a number of SMART actions. But what makes an action SMART? Let’s find out.

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