Social Impact

In uitdagende tijden komen nieuwe idee├źn vaak tot bloei. Zo blijkt ook nu, met een aantal puzzelstukken die plots op hun plaats vallen.

Exciting times, and not only because of the new way of living and working that we are all trying to find somehow these days.

ESF project Povigo approved!

Joyful news: our ESF project to empower people taking steps to the job market after burnout was approved!

Last Thursday we hosted a successful Kunlaboratorium on business and social impact, and more specifically on how organisations do not need to choose between them.

Spring Internship @ Kunlabora

From the 11th of March until the 14th of June three students from UC Leuven embarked on their journey as interns at Kunlabora.

Hackathon Child Poverty

End of april a team of eager Kunlaborants participated in a hackathon on child poverty.

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