New Tricks November

During the past couple of weeks, a delegation of Kunlaborants swarmed out to learn some new tricks. In this post, we’ll have a bird’s eye view on what we’ve picked up and how this might be of benefit to our customers.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence… It sounds cool, but how can you do that without having a datacenter full of data and a team of data scientists? At Kunlabora we learned that with the 2020’s in sight the tools are there to start incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning in any business. And all this without requiring huge investments and lots of time, but gradually and step-by-step. “No step forward is too small.

At Kunlabora we think it’s important to grow our knowledge on many different topics, for this we organise: knowledge sharing afternoons, reading groups, brown bag sessions, etc. One of the skills that is becoming more and more important in the software development world is DevOps. This is why we created our own workshop.

Building a serverless ingestion pipeline to decouple a front-office application from the back-office.

Recently, video recordings of The Lead Developer London 2019 presentations were released on YouTube. Yay! 🎉
Watching 2 days worth of presentations! …😐

Luckily for you, our very own Sander, Tom and Imanuel went in person and compiled a small must-watch list. 😉

Read on to see what they recommend.

Join me in this technical blog post to explore the AWS landscape and find out how we can monitor the health of non-AWS resources, using AWS Route 53, AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Lambda.

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