Last Thursday we hosted a successful Kunlaboratorium on business and social impact, and more specifically on how organisations do not need to choose between them.

For our Kunlaboratorium in May we organized a very fun and wholesome evening, stacked with learning and hands-on experiences on how we leverage our Culture.

Read more to learn what you missed out on ;)

Socrates Belgium OpenSpace - November

Monday evening the 5th of November we hosted the first of many SocratesBE OpenSpace meetups at our office, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Read on if you’d like to know what SocratesBE is, what the OpenSpace format is, and what’s in it for you.

On Thursday the 7th of June we hosted a first MeetUp event at our Kunlabora offices in Leuven, one of many to come.

In the pilot of the Debunking Business Agility MeetUp, the participants came together to discuss the current state of Agile, or rather the recurring problems that people experience. In order to change the meta and make an impact on the community of Agile practitioners.

I was blessed with facilitating the entire evening and Walter van Velden was there to Visually Record the whole thing, which made for some stunning infographics.

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