Honestly: AI in business

It has become commonplace to state that artificial intelligence is to be a game changer for businesses all around the world. There even exists a sense of urgency. Everyone has their eyes on applying AI, and it has to happen now. Businesses are warned that a wait-and-see approach is not a desired AI strategy. However, while cutting-edge artificial intelligence and data mining is flourishing in research and in the Big tech companies, businesses often struggle to keep pace with AI innovation.

At Kunlabora we have set our heart on helping clients unlock their data in a socially responsible way. But how can we do this efficiently given the scientific complexities posed by AI? And how can we leverage and learn from data without violating ethical boundaries?

During this Kunlaboratorium we want to share experiences on how AI can be used to solve business problems in a range of sectors, backed up by expert AI researchers and professionals.

We hope that this event will improve the belief that taking advantage of AI is possible for business problems from all sectors and for companies of all sizes.

Because our goal is to bring AI to real business contexts, we do not assume a (technical) background in AI or machine learning. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or thoughts!

Agenda (breaks are included):

  • 18:00 Welcome with food and drinks
  • 18:40 Presentations by on responsible AI applications in a range of sectors, from HR to healthcare, given by AI professionals:
    • Isabel Gonzalez - R&D Director Facelytix
    • Tina Smets - PHD Student ESAT, KULeuven
    • Bart Baesens - Professor Big Data & Analytics KULeuven
  • 20:10 A panel of speakers discusses questions from the public.
  • 20:30 Networking
  • 21:00 Closing


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