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Integration of Machine Learning

The research group Life Cycle Engineering at the KU Leuven Engineering Technology department of Mechanical Engineering is running some research projects on how to use smart technologies (IoT, data science and machine learning, computer vision, …) in the sector of reuse, repair and recycle of devices. They set up the SmartRe project with OVAM where they collaborate with the “Kringwinkels” who repair items before selling them in their second hand shop. The SmartRe project aims to demonstrate the possibilities of using existing smart technologies in this sector as a first step to see how these technologies can be improved to serve these purposes even better. The final target is to analyse pictures of labels containing barcodes, logos and/or textual information and use this information to identify products more easily.

Our task was mainly to integrate the computer vision code from KU Leuven into a working application. The application needs to run on a mobile device to be usable in different types of physical circumstances by different types of users. The application needs to use the computer vision components for product identification.
The application must prove that the functionality from the research works.

Running Cost

We build the entire application on a serverless infrastructure since the running cost had to be as low as possible.

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