Happy customers

Sparkcentral is a company that helps customer-centric enterprises to improve their customers’ satisfaction rate with a platform that simplifies business communication through social media and messaging.
The Vlaamse Sociale Bescherming is a government instance that supports people with a greater need for medical assistance. They provide additional compensation to persons that need extra care during a longer period of time.
UnderCover is an InsurTech start-up that targets insurance brokers and their customers. It wants to provide a platform on which a customer can discover how well they are protected and compare themselves with peers. The broker receives qualified leads for cross-selling and up-selling.
Quantitatively understand and measure the impact of coaching tracks at ’t Lampeke using the lightweight software tool Mezuri.
Helping repairders in local Repair-cafés or Kringwinkels to easily find back the good guidelines for repairing broken devices.
Integrate computer vision technologies from the Life Cycle Engineering research group of KU Leuven into a working application.
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