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Service Blueprint, Launcher, Amplifier, Care


February 2018 - February 2019


Java, PostgreSQL, Python, Angular, Docker, AWS, Hibernate, Jasmine + Karma

UnderCover (now thewave) is an EnsurTech start-up company serving clients in the insurance sector. UnderCover aspired to develop a white-labelled platform to bring brokers closer to their policyholders. This platform would inform these policyholders about their current and recommended insurances, offer personalised risk assessment and support both insurance coverage and premium comparison. The platform would invite policyholders to share information about their household effects or important life events, triggering customised alerts about apparent details that can significantly impact their insurance situation. In this way, policyholders are better informed, and brokers can better serve their customers.

Our Kunlabora team started with a Service Blueprint and then built an initial application version. The app offered basic functionality and extensible architecture. Based on user feedback and additional requirements, we incrementally improved the application. Our deployment process is fully automated, so releasing a new version into production is just as easy as pushing a button.