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Staf & Begeleid Wonen Tienen



Delivered services

Service Blueprint, Launcher, Amplifier, Care


August 2020 - March 2021


Java, AWS, Terraform, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Hibernate Angular, Github actions

Together with Staf en Begeleid Wonen Tienen, we rebuilt an outdated application and transformed it into an intuitive web app. The goal was to enable coaches to efficiently support their clients living at home with a disability. In addition, the application offers budget monitoring at the client and organisational levels.​

We delivered:

  • A Service Blueprint with a roadmap and make or buy advice per feature.​
  • A client registration system in which two organisations can register their clients' track independently, safely and in a user-friendly way, both qualitatively and administratively.​
  • A dashboard for follow-up and reporting.​