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Kunlabora nv


Social - Impact assessment

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Service Blueprint, Launcher, Amplifier, Care


October 2020 - July 2021


Java, Angular, Hosting on AWS fargate

In 2018 Kunlabora and Buurtwerk 't Lampeke joined forces to tackle the challenge of making the impact of social work tangible. This partnership was an ideal starting point: combining a strong domain knowledge and vision, digital technologies and artificial intelligence. This is how the foundation for Mezuri was laid, first conceptually on paper and a little later with a modern and intuitive application. Our prototype aroused the interest of the city of Leuven. Together, we participated in the Flemish government 'Smart in the City 2019' competition. We were among the lucky winners. This award allowed us to improve and expand Mezuri. In the meantime, ten social organisations are using the tool, supported by the city of Leuven.

Mezuri is a modern, user-friendly tool that measures and visualises the impact of social work. With 5 easy templates, social workers and vulnerable people register their reflections and experiences. This data is structured in a track timeline. Each track can be safely shared with social workers engaging in the same track. Using smart techniques like natural language processing, sentiment analysis and word analysis, Mezuri unlocks insights into a coaching track, and at an aggregate level. In this way, people's real stories and experiences provide solidly founded starting points for strengthening social workers and their organisations, and even the way in which a city like Leuven can support these organisations and people.

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