Life in a software factory: how we work, learn and grow together.

Mezuri 1.0 is live!

Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke and Kunlabora WORKING TOGETHER: Mezuri 1.0!

In this post, we’ll tell you about a first set of lightweight experiments we did, using only a handful of ironing beads and an enthusiastic group of Kunlaborants.

UnderCover app live!

After 8 months of incubation in the Kunlabora/UnderCover collaborative software factory, the UnderCover App is live!


What an honour to help infect 10.000 students with the STEM virus!

This is the first post in a series about installing a transparent, honest and efficient reward system at Kunlabora.

As a startup company, you get the opportunity to redefine how a company works. This not only means how we work on our projects, but everything that has to be done to keep the company thriving. Setting up a reward system turns out to be one of the harder challenges to tackle.

Bicycle tour with 't Lampeke

Indian summer in Leuven: Kunlabora cherishes its partnership with ‘t Lampeke and enjoyed another bicycle tour and picnic.
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