Life in a software factory: how we work, learn and grow together.

APRO went live!

The final release of APRO went live, and the first Flemish compensation list for mobility tools was published.

Hot on the heels of Lead Dev London

Three studious kunlaborants attended the Lead Dev conference in London.

Spring Internship @ Kunlabora

From the 11th of March until the 14th of June three students from UC Leuven embarked on their journey as interns at Kunlabora.

For our Kunlaboratorium in May we organized a very fun and wholesome evening, stacked with learning and hands-on experiences on how we leverage our Culture.

Read more to learn what you missed out on ;)

Hackathon Child Poverty

End of april a team of eager Kunlaborants participated in a hackathon on child poverty.

Lego Serious Pay

This is our third post in the series about installing a transparent, honest and efficient reward system at Kunlabora.

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