Life in a software factory: how we work, learn and grow together.

UCLL Job Fair 2018

Today at UCLL we were present at our very first job fair. We want to help and invest in young potential, so they can grow.

Welcome Tim and Bruno

Our team at Kunlabora keeps growing. This month we welcome Tim and Bruno. Tim is a senior developer with great coaching skills and a passion for agile software development. Bruno has a background in physics which he throws into the mix with a passion for data science. Great to have you on board!
Only a month after we had the pleasure to welcome Katrien, Kim and Tom, we again have 3 people joining Kunlabora. Tim is a senior developer and architect with a passion for (IT) communities. Jonas will make his first professional steps in his IT career, while Kris already has an extensive experience as a customer proxy. Welcome everybody, let’s do this!

Katrien, Kim and Tom joined Kunlabora

We welcome Katrien Verheyden, Kim Lauwers and Tom De Keyser at Kunlabora. Katrien is an excellent proxy customer and agile project manager, while Kim is a strong developer and also a scrum master. And Tom, he’s all about data science and machine learning. Welcome people, it will be fun!

Hooray! It's a ... software factory!

January 2nd 2018, Kunlabora saw the light of day as a new software factory in the world of custom built software. Not just any software factory, but as we like to call it a collaborative software factory. Indeed, we believe collaboration is the main ingredient for any successful software initiative. Collaboration within the teams building software, but certainly also with our customers.

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