ESF project Povigo approved!

Joyful news: our ESF project to empower people taking steps to the job market after burnout was approved!

ESF: tackling societal challenges in our labour market

ESF invests in labour market opportunities and qualitative careers with Flemish and European support. Innovative projects are boosted to meet societal challenges in the labour market.

This summer ESF called for innovative projects strengthening people on the Flemish labor market with a new service. Inspired by proven concepts from other domains, this new service is to be prototyped, piloted and evaluated in the labour market.

Joining forces: Povigo, Esperanto for empowerment

A powerful partnership was molded starting from the believe that people recovering from burnout can get to work faster and more sustainably if they are in control of their own development process. We will conceptualise and prototype a digital self-service to give people ownership and control in addition to traditional labour market coaching.


  • Kunlabora is a collaborative software factory building high-quality custom built software solutions. This implies thinking along with the customer: our service blueprint and service design toolboxes support this process, and are supplemented with disciplined software development practices to build an initial version of the application.
  • Groep INTRO Groep INTRO coaches and guides people experiencing distance or impediments to the labour market, and supports companies, organizations, schools and public authorities in finding solutions and creating opportunities in inclusive employment.
  • The educational research unit of Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp has strong expertise in strengthening learning competencies, motivation and generic work qualities & soft skills in a labour market context.
  • IDEA Consult provides independent advice to local, intermediate, regional, federal and European organisations and governments and will evaluate the impact of the new service.


Stay tuned!

In January our project will officially start. During the prototyping phase we will reach out to other stakeholders in the domain of burnout and labour market to further elaborate our understanding of the personal and societal challenges. Stay tuned on our website and LinkedIn!

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