World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day meets K-book!

Today is world tourism day. On this day in 1970 the statutes of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation were adopted worldwide. The main goal of the UNWTO is to promote and develop tourism while keeping in mind the economy, peace, prosperity and respect for human rights worldwide.

Why is it important to us? We love travelling and we love exploring at Kunlabora!

How do we celebrate this today? We are diving into the preparations of our K-book for 2019, which will be (spoiler alert!) a travel guide. To get inspiration, we decided to get an overview of different travel guides and dive deep into the important parts of the journey of Kunlabora in 2019.

Are you eager to see how it turned out? You’ll have to wait until next year to see it, but you can still get a copy of our K-book of 2018!

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