The Lead Developer London 2019 Must Watch presentations

Recently, video recordings of The Lead Developer London 2019 presentations were released on YouTube. Yay! 🎉
Watching 2 days worth of presentations! …😐

Luckily for you, our very own Sander, Tom and Imanuel went in person and compiled a small must-watch list. 😉

Read on to see what they recommend.

What on earth does it mean to build AI software? | Ronald Ashri (29:10)
Short presentation in which Ronald explains how AI is seen by laymen and frames what’s really hiding underneath. This is a must watch for humans that don’t exactly know what AI entails.

Level Up: Developing Developers | Melinda Seckington (37:11)
Using Triple A video game titles, Melinda highlights 10 lessons she learned as a developer coach.

Facilitation techniques 202 | Neha Batra (16:20)
Useful tips for anyone that ever has to facilitate a meeting.

Eiffel’s Tower | Nickolas Means (38:15)
Nickolas Means on ownership & responsibility.

Why we should be scared of Shor’s Algorithm right now | James Birnie (10:36)
Lightning talk on Quantum computing and how our encrypted traffic might already be fragile today.

Flavours of technical leadership | Pat Kua (31:03)
Pat Kua distinguishes career paths for technical profiles in a novel way and categorises different types of coaches.

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