APRO went live!

The final release of APRO went live, and the first Flemish compensation list for mobility tools was published.

Our customer

The Vlaamse Sociale Bescherming (VSB) is a government instance that supports people with a greater need for medical assistance. They provide additional compensation to persons that need extra care during a longer period of time. For example to help them pay for a wheelchair or for staying at a nursing home.

Our project

The APRO application makes sure that manufacturers of walking aids can register their products with VSB so that a compensation amount can be provided for these products. When a manufacturer develops a new type of walking aid or changes an existing one, he can use APRO to register this. Every month, an advisory committee gathers and decides which new or altered products will be compensated (according to the rules recorded in the law). When a manufacturer stops production of a product, he can also register this stop in the APRO application so that the product will be removed from the list of compensated products.

The challenges

The main challenge in APRO was the time pressure. Manufacturers were eagerly waiting to register their new products and their product price indexations with VSB. A first version of APRO with the needed functionality for the manufacturers was released on April 5th, 2019. New versions with functionality for VSB and the advisory committee have been deployed to production in May 2019. The final step in the process is the publishing of the changes to the list of compensated products. This has been done successfully this week for the first time!

Apro aanvraag

How did we work?

To build APRO with its strict deadlines we worked in one-week sprints and had weekly sprint meetings with our customer. During the sprint meetings we demoed the recently added features and discussed the priorities and the details of the upcoming work. To support our work we used JIRA to keep track of our backlog with its priorities, and to finetune some details with our customer. The JIRA reports helped us to weekly report on the project’s progress. On top of that we used a MIRO board to visualize the project’s timeline and main features.

Apro Features Overview

Interested in the technologies we used? Java 11, Vue.js,, AWS, Keycloak are the most important ones.

A very interesting moment was the test session we had with some of the real end-users, just before the first release of Apro at the end of March. Their first feedback proved very useful not just to confirm we were building the right product but also to gain knowledge to support them even better in their work. This resulted in a first release for which no bugs were signaled during the first 2 months of operation.

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