Hot on the heels of Lead Dev London

Three studious kunlaborants attended the Lead Dev conference in London.

We endured two days of not so beautiful English weather to attend a series of inspiring talks targeted at software developers and tech leads.

Lead Dev shines for its inclusive approach focusing on diversity and on the human aspect of leading. Special care went to staging leaders from many different industries, from small start-ups up to tech giants, and to giving the floor to women in tech.

With the absence of parallel sessions, the pace of the talks is kept by alternating longer talks (30 min.) with shorter “lightning” talks (10 min.). The result is an energetic mood that resonated in the Barbican — we feared we would have too much to think about and to note down because of the large amount of inspirational speakers. The perks of a great conference, that is 🙂.

Some of our personal highlights:

Of course, it wasn’t only seriousness on the trip — we enjoyed pints, burgers, barbecue, rain, networking, and a dreadful incident with Tom burning his hand on fresh coffee. In our confusion, this also happened to be the only picture we took at the conference. We therefore do not have actual evidence of us being present, but we were there; we promise!

If you want to know more about our trip to LeadDev, feel free to come by our office. We are happy to share our insights!

Imanuel, Tom & Sander

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