How to make your culture work for you

For our Kunlaboratorium in May we organized a very fun and wholesome evening, stacked with learning and hands-on experiences on how we leverage our Culture.

Read more to learn what you missed out on ;)

Welcome and intro

When you arrived you were welcomed by Emma who prepared persona cards, telling you how your alter ego for the rest of the evening behaves in a team context. This was an important set up for an exercise at the end of the evening to have you experience deciding each others’ wage increase.

You could grab a bite and have a drink while getting to know the other people or personas.

Then we kicked things off by telling you what you could expect from the evening, where and when to give feedback, and some other practicalities.

Jan gave a brief introduction on the importance of Culture at Kunlabora. It facilitates decision making when everybody understands values and direction that is ever present in an embedded culture.

Kunlaboratorium fun

Community Canvas - Jonas

Jonas taught us how we sort of kickstarted our culture by using the Community Canvas, a framework that provides guiding questions around 17 themes, to help get a community started or introspect on itself. We did a 1-2-4-all on two themed questions to try and get a practical feel for the framework.

Vicious & Virtuous Cycles of Motivation - Tim

After a small break, Tim shared his personal model of the Vicious & Virtuous Cycles of Motivation, a simple, yet powerful model that allows a community to introspect on its culture. We all gathered a bunch of external inputs to the different circles: Motivation -> Performance -> Appreciation, and were able to identify triggers to both cycles.

We’re very thankful for the openness and interaction of our curious participants, because together we found ways to break the model and improve upon it.

Wage increase experiments & the Photoshoot game - Emma

Kunlaboratorium play

Finally it was time for Emma to teach us about how we determined wage increases at Kunlabora in February, by means of a fun activity where two teams had to take photos that should be imitated as accurately as possible to provided photos. Based on that exercise we got to know each others’ persona, so we could do the wage increase experiment ourselves and distribute lego blocks to the different participants.

After getting some valuable feedback, Emma presented the results and gave a teaser on our next actual wage increase experiment in September.

Kunlaboratorium salary

See you next time!

If any of this sounds interesting to you or you feel like you’ve missed out, feel free to register for one of our future Kunlaboratoria!

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