Hackathon Child Poverty

End of april a team of eager Kunlaborants participated in a hackathon on child poverty.

Hack child poverty

The King Baudouin Foundation and its Child Poverty Fund (Kinderarmoedefonds) organized a two-day hackathon against child poverty. The goal was to bring people from different backgrounds together in this innovation boot camp, let them team up and create solutions for families and children in poverty and their surrounding professional network.

3 challenges were formulated:

  • Loneliness & social isolation: tools to break through social isolation

  • Health & nutrition: tools to improve children and family ’s health and nutrition situation

  • Childcare & family support: tools to tackle issues in this domain

The final goal was a 7’ pitch for a jury from the field, showcasing a feasible concept with social impact for families with young children which is clear and will be used by the target group and is financially realistic.

The tools and assets at the teams’ disposal were many, many coaches from the field, business coaches and tools like the business model canvas, the lean canvas and a pitch perfect manual.

Kunlabora against child povery

Kunlabora against child poverty

Heidi, Koenraad, Bruno and Kris from Kunlabora embarked on the hackathon as a team, starting from a recently launched project Good Mood at ’t Lampeke. They aspire to use leisure activities and help vulnerable families de-stress and breach classical poverty patterns. ’t Lampeke matches a leisure volunteer to a vulnerable family and has them focus on joint leisure activities, three to four hours biweekly during one year. Their challenge is to engage a new pool of volunteers and validate their assumption that leisure can actually be a game changer. We took this last challenge as our starting point.

At Kunlabora we love visuals to obtain shared understanding. Also at this hackathon, we gratefully used all whiteboard space at the beautiful KBC start-it offices, where the hackathon took place.


We were able to validate our assumptions and hypotheses with many, many coaches. They all gave highly valuable feedback: Saïda Sakali, Bérénice Storms, Magda De Meyer, Wouter Cox, Cindy Van Geldorp, Natasja Lories, Pascal Dumalin, Askim Kintziger, Johnny Mills and Aurélien. We quickly noticed time is short at a hackathon! At the end of day 1, around 11PM, we decided our concept was sufficiently ready and started our preparations for the jury pitch.


Our solution was Liberigi: a tool to unlock the potential of leisure activities for vulnerable families. We conceptualised a mobile application where the leisure volunteer and family can find a personalised, affordable and easy accessible offer of leisure activities. They can plan activities and share their experiences in their neighbourhood community. An additional feature is that they can keep a picture diary as a souvenir of their leisure journey. The underlying data of activity frequency and reviews can be used by ’t Lampeke to monitor the impact of the Good Mood project.

An important take away for us was the switch from conceptualising a measurement tool for ’t Lampeke (the initial requirement) to a tool offering value to families, volunteers, and ’t Lampeke. Only when we include an appealing personalised offer of leisure activities and the ability to share experiences with the neighbourhood community, the family and the volunteer are inclined to use Liberigi. Reliable measurement data on the leisure journeys becomes a side issue, but is naturally available when people are attracted to the application.

Liberigi app

On day 2, around 1.30 PM the jury pitches started: about 15 teams pitched their idea. The teams were very enthousiastic and eager to have the jury assess their ideas. It was very nice to see how broad the range of hackathon-invented-concepts extended.

The jury was critical, but liked our concept. The people from the King Baudouin Foundation also indicated that they did see potential in Liberigi after this hackathon.

We look back to our hack child poverty experience, tired but satisfied. We look foward to the continuation of our Liberigi story!

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