Welcome Joren and Karine!

In February, we welcome two new colleagues at Kunlabora: Joren Kennes and Karine Van Limbergen.

Joren just graduated as an industrial engineer with a focus on software development. He is not a Kunla-newbie by any means: Joren already worked at Kunlabora on the Mezuri project during summer. He is excited to start his journey towards being a full stack developer with a passion for machine learning and working together in an agile team. In his free time, he likes to hike and go on outdoor adventures.

Karine is an experienced sales in data networks and telecommunications. She focuses on understanding the customers business in order to offer a perfect solution. Being fond of modern contemporary art, you can find her during weekends either visiting a museum or getting her hands dirty creating ceramic sculptures.

Welcome Joren and Karine, let’s do this!

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