Mezuri 1.0 is live!

Buurtwerk ‘t Lampeke and Kunlabora WORKING TOGETHER: Mezuri 1.0!

In spring 2018 Kunlabora and Buurtwerk ’t Lampeke, a local community organization working with vulnerable families, started iterating on ideas to build tailor-made software that makes a difference in their daily field work. In summer 2018, the Mezuri project was initiated: a lightweight software tool to quantitatively understand and measure the impact of their coaching (or “bridging”, a terminology ‘t Lampeke introduced, better reflecting equality) trajectories, without cumbersome administration and the typical ticking of numerous checklists. Mezuri allows coaches to focus on what matters most: people!


Bridging coaches register quarterly snapshots, diary fragments and realizations. Using text analysis, we measure the interaction frequency, the partners involved, basic social rights, correlations, etc. These metrics are visualized for each individual trajectory and aggregated over all trajectories. This allows coaches to assess their gut feeling and make their coaching activities tangible.


We included a sentiment analysis experiment. Sentiment analysis helps organizations to understand subjective information and extract people’s opinion about something. It is typically used to measure a brand’s image on the internet. Not only the frequency of brand mentions is counted, but also whether the sentiment (or feeling) in these mentions is rather positive or negative. This technique is perfectly suitable to measure the sentiment in a bridging trajectory.


Currently 10 bridging coaches start using Mezuri 1.0 in the so-called Werf Gezinscoach. This is 1 of 12 “werven” (yards) initiated by the city of Leuven in a collaboration with multiple social organizations in Leuven. They aim to mobilize individuals and organizations on child poverty reduction in Leuven and include vulnerable families in our society in a sustainable way. In parallel, we initiate a test phase with 15 coaches of CAW Oost-Brabant, Center for General Well-being. In 2019 we will evaluate the first test results and look into the further development of Mezuri. We certainly do not lack inspiration: remodeling our sentiment analysis engine with an additional machine learning component, adding dimensions like parenthood, inclusiveness, good coaching practices, etc. We also want to allow families to register interactions and get the full picture of the bridging trajectories: a usability and customer experience challenge.


Kunlabora is Esperanto for ‘working together’, symbolizing our aim to collaborate closely with both colleagues and customers, building solutions with significant business value. We aspire knowledge cultivation and sharing, and strongly believe in corporate social responsibility. We actively engage in realizing social impact with our key capabilities: blueprinting and building software solutions. We cherish our partnership with ‘t Lampeke and look forward to continue our joint explorations.

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