UnderCover app live!

After 8 months of incubation in the Kunlabora/UnderCover collaborative software factory, the UnderCover App is live!

UnderCover gives policyholders a clear view on their insurance situation, their current risks and recommendations to better protect their risk objects. Brokers get a structured view on their policyholders’ insurance contracts and potential underinsurance risks. UnderCover aims at closely connecting policyholders and brokers and opening up the insurance technical world to laymen.

UnderCover and Kunlabora have engaged in a strong partnership bundling insurance expertise and software craftsmanship. Kunlabora is Esperanto for ‘working together’: we build high-quality software with a devoted software development team and in close cooperation and consultation with our customers. This customer orientation is the unique strength of Kunlabora.

The initial version of the UnderCover App is now live. We are currently improving and extending its functionalities.

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