Bicycle ride with 't Lampeke

Last Sunday we, as Kunlabora, participated in the family bicycle ride with picnic organized by our friends from ’t Lampeke.

This was the third activity for us to get to know ’t Lampeke, a well-known non profit organization in Leuven that is committed to include and relate with socially vulnerable people. Lieven Verlinde told us the story of ’t Lampeke on our previous knowledge sharing afternoon/evening. Two weeks ago we went on a walk through ’t Lampeke’s territory near the Ridderstraat in Leuven. Again Lieven told us with a lot of passion what ’t Lampeke is doing and how they grew over the almost 50 years they are operating (yes, in 2020, a big party will be organized) in Leuven. We all enjoyed this walk very much and felt sorry for those colleagues who couldn’t attend. Lieven was also very eager to hear our feedback, and that is something we value very much at Kunlabora as well.

Last Sunday, it was time to really do something together with a very diverse group of people: different ages, different nationalities and cultures, different backgrounds. We made a very nice bicycle ride through Sportkot, Dijleland and the Doode Bemde to finally reach the playground at the Zoete Waters after almost 15 km. Especially the route through the Doode Bemde called for team spirit: the entry gates were too small for the bicycle taxi, so it had to be lifted over the barrier.

For our picnic, we found some shade near the Park’s playground. Everybody was hungry and thirsty, as you would expect after spending 2,5 hours on a bike on a hot day. Luckily the Zoete Waters are also known for the natural source in the woods generating very cold and tasty water. Bram was very eager to go pay it a visit, and he was clever enough to take two small barrels of water with him. He gave us all the chance to try this delicious natural spring water.

On our return to Leuven, we followed a route through Heverlee forest. Before saying goodbye we shared a huge watermelon at Fabota. A very tasteful and refreshing treat… And a good opportunity for more talking and connecting with the group. It was truly a beautiful ride, on a beautiful day and not to forget… with beautiful food prepared by beautiful Kunlaborants. Two days prior, Kris with her daughter Rima and Davida came to Katrien’s house to prepare tabouleh and hummus for the picnic. After almost 2 hours of cutting vegetables, mixing chickpeas and herbs, we had more than enough food for a 50 person picnic. Stan from ’t Lampeke took care of bread, tapenade and home made juices. All together it made for a very delicious meal. Next time however, we will prepare only half of the amount we prepared now, because we were still having tabouleh for lunch on Tuesday. We bought and prepared:

  • For the tabouleh: 2 kg couscous with 25 tomatoes and 7 cucumbers, mint and parsley, 5 lemons and 1,6 kg of feta
  • For the salad: 4 crops of salad, 5 cucumbers, 2 kg carrots and 15 tomatoes.
  • For the hummus: 9 cans of chick peas, seasoned with tahini, 3 huge heads of garlic, almost 1 l olive oil, pepper and salt (and some of the feta).

The hummus and carrots were almost finished after our Sunday feast, but for tabouleh and salad only half the amount would have been better.

picnic 't Lampeke

We all spent a wonderful day with an interesting group of people, and we as Kunlabora are looking forward to our further cooperation with ’t Lampeke. As for the bicycle ride and picnic, the general conclusion of the day was as we say in Dutch ‘Voor herhaling vatbaar’, meaning ‘worth repeating’.

Want to learn more about ’t Lampeke? Be sure to check out their website!

Lessons learned: Help Stan with guiding the bicycle ride, prepare less food and last but not least: try to get all Kunlaborants on the bike!

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